Sales Director, Veterinary Business

Kane Biotech is a canadian public company engaged in the development and commercialization of products that prevents and remove microbial biofilms. They are active in the pet industry and more and more and more in the human health

Justification for the position
This position contributes to the commercial success of the company through support and development of the company’s business in the veterinary channel (sales through veterinary practices) as the main priority, and also through identifying and leveraging synergies between the veterinary and retail channels.
The main geographic focus is the Americas, however responsibilities include also other territories (in particular Europe and Asia).

Ensure a fluid business relationship with distribution partner(s)
Acting as the main operational contact for the company, develop a fluid working relationship with key stakeholders and decision-makers in our distribution partner(s), developing a good understanding of their main needs, drivers and restrictions.
Build and maintain a good professional relationship based on trust, professional respect and a shared and sincere will to develop the business in a mutually beneficial way.

Delegation and validation:

  • Autonomy to establish and develop a business relationship
  • Validation of expenses and key decisions as per delegation agreed-upon with his/her manager

Maximize the revenues and profitability of the veterinary business
Within the guidelines defined in the distribution agreement, work closely with the distribution partner(s) to manage the revenue model (upfront and milestone payments, royalties, transfer price when applicable) and investment in marketing support in order to optimize profitability for the company in the short, medium and long term.
Significantly contribute to further developing the relationship through the development of new territories and the inclusion of new products.

Delegation and validation:

  • Submit proposals to his/her manager for discussion and validation
  • Autonomy to implement validated decisions

Provide marketing support
Work closely with the distribution partner(s) identifying opportunities to promote commercial development of the company’s products in all the key markets; Proactively propose promotional actions when appropriate, and work with the distribution partner(s) marketing team to coordinate and optimize execution.
Ensure that promotional activities are properly integrated in the distribution partner(s) planning cycles, in order to maximize their effectiveness and minimize business disruption.

Delegation and validation:

  • Autonomy to explore opportunities with the distribution partner(s), including projected budget requirements and financing solutions
  • Manager validation of budget and focus decisions
  • Autonomy to implement validated actions, including management of the relationship with external suppliers (i.e. agencies, etc.)

Provide technical support
Working closely with the Chief Scientific Officer, develop (and maintain up to date) a solid understanding of the science behind the different products and solutions offered by the company, their mode of action and their competitive situation vis-à-vis the competition.
Leverage this knowledge to develop technical materials and deliver product training adapted to the needs of the teams involved in distribution, the customers and/or consumers.
Engage in technical discussions with Key Opinion Leaders as needed to advance the commercial success of the company and its products.

Delegation and validation:

  • Knowledge requirements and acquisition validated by Chief Scientific Officer
  • Autonomy to develop training materials.
  • Validation of focus and direction of efforts by his/her manager.

Participate in development of new products
Participate in the team(s) in charge of new product development, leveraging his/her understanding of the needs of customers and consumers, the priorities of the distribution partner(s), the competitive environment and the technical capabilities of the company.
When required coordinate the design and execution of market research to validate customer needs and preferences, and provide this and any other relevant marketing input to the product development team.

Delegation and validation:

  • Collaborate closely with colleagues in the product development teams
  • Autonomy to represent the marketing perspective in the product development discussions
  • Validate focus and investment (i.e. market studies) with his/her manager as per agreed-upon validation


Veterinary training (ideally complete veterinary studies) or similar allowing a solid product understanding and technical credibility in the relevant business context.
Marketing or business administration training (ideally MBA) or equivalent experience providing a solid understanding of the marketing function (of the company as well as the distribution partner(s)

Knowledge & experience

  • 3 to 5 years working experience in a relevant context
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in a relevant commercial (sales, marketing, business development) context
  • Fluid English (written and spoken) a must, French or other major European language a plus.
  • Business acumen, understanding of the main elements driving market success, cost and profitability


  • Interpersonal skills and professional demeanor needed to represent the company in discussion with external stakeholders and partners
  • Ability to understand the technical proficiency and needs of his/her audience and adapt the language and communication accordingly
  • Ability to understand the key drivers of a business situation, and to effectively negotiate to advance the interests of the company in the short, medium and long term
  • Integrity and reliability, inspire and deserve the trust of managers, colleagues, business partners and customers

Other considerations

  • Flexible time schedule and location, provided a commitment to work 1 day/week in the offices of our distribution partner (West of Montreal)
  • Availability for business travel (within Canada and internationally) approximately 50% of the time

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